About Us

Our name has been synonymous with excellence in construction equipment since our inception in 1954. With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, we have proudly established ourselves as a leading brand in Australia, renowned for our premium trade range across various categories including wheelbarrows, cement mixers, hand trucks, and construction equipment.


Our philosophy, "Tough. Done Smart.", speaks to the durable nature of our range. We develop and create products that are built to last and keep you safe on the job. We understand the demands of the trade, and our products are engineered to meet and exceed those demands, delivering exceptional performance that you can rely on. We take pride in being a trusted name on the jobsite. 


Our range of products exemplifies our dedication to the trade. From our signature wheelbarrows that carry the weight of countless projects, to our next generation of cement mixers built for the toughest of tasks, Kelso products are engineered to perform. Our hand trucks and construction equipment complete our comprehensive lineup, designed to support trades in their day to day lives.