Frequently Asked Questions


What spare parts are available?

Contact our friendly customer experience team for any enquiries regarding the availability of parts.

Where can I purchase spare parts

Spare parts are available from our retail partners. Visit our 'Where to Buy' page for your nearest store.

Which wheelbarrows can carry liquids?

All Steel Trays do not have holes and therefore able to carry liquids

Flat Free VS Pneumatic benefits

Benefits of Flat Free: 

Can never become flat as it is solid material hence heavier than pneumatic. Will not tear from use. Requires a lot less maintenance. Made from foamed polyurethane.

Benefits of Pneumatic: 

Being filled with air means better traction and a much smoother ride and maximizes speed. Absorb shock and vibrations and are extremely quiet. Made from rubber.

Difference between the wheelbarrows

Type of metal constructions, thickness of the material, size of the wheel assembly and type of wheel assembly (pneumatic or flat free)

Poly Tray VS Steel benefits

Benefits of Poly Tray: 

Will not rust from weathering. Overall lighter weight wheelbarrow. Easier to manoeuvre.

Benefits of the Steel Tray: 

Won’t become brittle from the weather. Won’t buckle or fold underweight.


Is there a warranty on your product?

Our warranty depends on the product you have purchased.  Please refer to the manual for warranty timeframes.

Where can I apply grease to the gear ring or pinion?

DO NOT apply grease to the gear ring or pinion. Gears should remain dry and kept clean from any foreign material. This applies to all of our models. 

How do I claim under the warranty?

Please take the product back to the place of purchase or contact Kelso customer service within 20 working days of you becoming aware of the relevant defect.

You must provide proof of purchase (as required under the warranty terms) from an authorised reseller to make  a warranty claim.

Do you have a maintenance or service guide?

Yes, please refer to our Kelso Cement Mixer manual for our maintenance or service guide.

Is there a troubleshooting guide for Kelso cement mixers?

Yes, please refer to our Kelso Cement Mixer manual for our troubleshooting guide.

What spare parts are available for the current cement mixers?

Some spare parts can be located on page 15 of the product manual.  If you are after a mor specific question, please contact our Customer Experience Team on 1300 297 732